Total CEO Mastermind: Collaboration for Growth

Total CEO Mastermind: Collaboration for Growth

Launching a new business takes a lot out of a person. You’re pouring all of your passion and energy into making it successful. You’re working long hours and you’re probably missing quality time with your family and friends. There is so much riding on the success of your business that it’s all but impossible to focus on anything else.

Maybe you’re dedicating so much time to your business that you’re missing dates with your spouse or your kid’s last soccer game. Perhaps you’re frustrated because you can’t seem to get the right people into the right roles in your company. Most likely, you’re staying up at night agonizing over what’s holding you back. No matter what obstacles you’re facing, the last thing any business owner wants is for this outpouring of time and energy to be all for nothing.

Collaboration Helps Everyone

Sometimes we can tell that something isn’t right, but we can’t quite put our finger on it. It could be just one small adjustment that’s holding us back from a huge breakthrough. Having an outsider’s perspective in these situations has helped me every time. As a business owner, I need to know that I can call on my peers for support and guidance. And I want to make sure that my peers know they can call on me, too.

That is precisely why we created the Total CEO Mastermind: to use and share the varied and dynamic experience of dozens of profitable business owners for everyone’s mutual benefit.

Launching a Business is a Risk

In a world where 8 out of 10 new businesses will fail within their first 18 months, it takes a special kind of leader to make a business succeed. More than that, it takes the kind of leader who knows goals aren’t accomplished alone.

No one person can be everything a business needs to thrive. No one person has all the skills and talents it takes to grow a company. At the heart of every truly successful business, you’ll see collaboration. It’s what we practice every day in the Total CEO Mastermind.

Risk vs. Reward

Every business owner has to live with some degree of risk. We’re all risking our money, our time, our energy, our focus and, ultimately, our happiness. The saying goes, “there’s safety in numbers.” For businesses, this adage is even truer. Imagine, if every time you launched a business, you had the best practices and ideas of dozens of other successful business people at your fingertips.

Members of Total CEO Mastermind know how much you can gain by listening to your peers. I can give you one example. One of my members was stuck in a partnership that was actually hurting his business. He wasn’t sure how to approach changing the terms of the partnership, so he asked us what we thought. Through a subsequent discussion, he came to the conclusion (and we all agreed) that he needed to get out of the partnership altogether. Once he did, he experienced a total “ah-ha” moment. His business ran more smoothly and he saved himself a ton of worry and stress.

For all the trials business owners face, Total CEO Mastermind becomes your group of leaders who can offer valuable guidance. We’re your ticket out of the hurdles you’re trying to jump. We’re the inner circle of experienced business owners who get it. We’re the people you can call on when you feel alone or when you don’t want to admit you’re out of your depth.

Ready to Collaborate?

If you’ve seen yourself in the scenarios I’ve described and feel like you’re not getting what you expected out of your business, your focus could be in the wrong area. How many hours a week are you working? How much of that time are you spending doing things out of your wheelhouse? Most importantly: are you happy right now with the way your business is going?

If you feel like something is missing in your business, but you can’t quite put your finger on it, collaboration is key. Insights from dozens of successful business owners will help you. Why not give Total CEO Mastermind a try?.

We’re a group of leaders who understand we can’t wear too many hats. We’ve all had to have the guts to take off the hats we shouldn’t be wearing. Most of all, we work together to help us all break through to the next level.

That’s the spirit behind the Total CEO Mastermind, and it’s why I love doing what I do. It’s also the focus of our upcoming Mastermind event, August 24-25 at the Cleveland Marriott Downtown at the Key Center, where members will gather to collaborate. This is the secret to our success, and we’re ready to share it with passionate business owners who want to excel and supersede their goals, and who also strive to help others do the same.

If that’s you, it’s not too late to apply for a spot in our Total CEO Mastermind! To reserve your place, apply here.


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