Being a Total CEO Inside and Outside the Office

Being a Total CEO Inside and Outside the Office

We have been conditioned to make a conscious effort to separate our work lives from our family lives. Once we get home at the end of the day, we switch from business mode to family mode. This is a healthy practice for most CEOs because after a hard day at work, we can go home and spend time with the people who make it all worth it.

But does being a CEO actually stop once you leave the office parking lot? Or are there some commonalities when it comes to raising children andrunning a healthy company? I’ve identified the similarities and it starts with consistency.

Whether it’s the rules you set in your household or your family’s weekly routine, consistency is an important factor. In order for your children to follow the rules, you need to set them and stick to them. If you make too many exceptions or don’t lead by example, then they tend to steer off track. The same goes for your business, if you set a clear mission for them and you stay true to it, then they will follow that path. If you lead by example and guide them in the right direction, they have a better chance at succeeding.

All children desire structure because they need it to guide them through life and use it to make better choices. Your company would fail if there wasn’t any structure set into place. By providing your team with the proper training; making sure they are doing their job and placing them in the correct roles will empower them.

Children need to follow a healthy routine such as brushing their teeth, eating dinner at a reasonable time, finishing their homework every night, doing their chores, going to church on Sunday’s and the list goes on. This list is unique to every family but if there is consistency and structure, it can lead to a healthy routine. This is similar to your business in the form of a checklist, which allows your employees to follow a routine everyday in order to be consistent with their work and make sure deadlines are met.

What happens when this structure is not set into place? Well, it can lead to mass disorganization within your company and you will end up in a very tough position. If children do not have some sort of structure, they tend to search for it and often times end up in the wrong place.

So, do not lead your company down a path of destruction and instead create a guide (or training tool) to help them succeed. Once you get home after work, your mindset may change but you still remain the CEO of your household.


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