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Scaling With Purpose

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Not Enough Sales, no clear plan, trapped in a high paying job

Join us and you will learn a real way to purposeful leadership and clear strategies to fix:

  • How to get your life back… in a way that’s real, and lasts. You and I have both seen CEOs who strive for balance, but can’t keep it going.
  • The #1 way to grow and scale… it’s so easy to lose sight of when you’re trapped on the daily firing line. But if you don’t have a way to grow and scale, guess what? You’ll spend the rest of your life on that firing line.
  • How to make better hires… until you have a hiring strategy that’s built on the right foundation, you’ll be making risky decisions instead of safe choices.
  • How to fix scattered sales and marketing… so instead of scrambling for silver bullets and shiny objects, you replace these destructive tactics with rewarding strategic behavior.
  • How to be the best CEO at home… life’s rewards are more abundant when you can enjoy them with the people you love. After all, there’s a purpose to your leadership that goes well beyond the four walls of your business.
  • What you should NEVER do if you’re determined not to stay stuck at the same level… it’s amazing how easy this trap is to fall into. I’ll make sure you avoid it, so your renewed and reinvigorated leadership can take you as far as you want to go.


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What I Want For You

  • I want you to turn your back on distractions, escape the grind, and turn off the noise that gets in the way of your ability to lead. This is the only way you’ll be able to guide your company to even greater achievement.
  • I want you to communicate the mission in such a fresh and compelling way that your people immediately line up to support your vision.
  • I want your people to STOP WORKING and START FOLLOWING. (An unmistakable sign of leadership.)
  • And I want you to celebrate all the rewards and all the freedom your business is built to give you.

Why I Can Help

I’ve made some massive (and embarrassing) leadership mistakes that cost me some of my businesses.

I’ve made some dangerous assumptions.  There were times I thought I was leading when I actually wasn’t.

So I learned, moved forward, and prospered.  This is what I want to share.  It’s what I want for you, your business, and your family.

Because of my determination to forge a connection between strategy and leadership, I’ve grown quite a few multiple 7 and 8 figure businesses.

I’ve bought, sold, launched and scaled more than 20 companies with more than 1,600 employees.

Over the past six years, I’ve generated over 292 MILLION DOLLARS in sales for my companies.

You don’t do this without leadership.

And because there are few things in life that give me more satisfaction than sharing the essential lessons of leadership, and witnessing the results, I’m inviting you to take your leadership skills to an exciting new level.

What To Expect At This Workshop

You’ll be part of something entirely different here.

This workshop isn’t about incremental improvement, and it‘s not a collection of platitudes about leadership.

It’s about giving you the framework for wildly successful strategies that have already created tens of millions of dollars of wealth.

It’s about sudden, massive change.

Execute these strategies, lock in these new leadership skills, and it’s like one day, your company runs in black and white, and the next day it’s in color.

How do I make this happen for you?

It’s actually fairly simple. I identify the core strategic elements of leadership in each part of your business, hand them to you, show you how to prioritize them, integrate them, and make them your own in a way that’s authentic, comfortable, and effective.

You’ll work with your own custom strategies… each unique to your business.

I know of nobody else who can do this. Even when I look at the courses the Harvard Business School offers on leadership, there are vital elements I give you the Harvard curriculum misses.

It’s not surprising. I’m a businessman who’s learned through trial and error, on the front lines.

Here’s How It Works

The LEADERSHIP WORKSHOP is a two-day event jam packed with one strategic insight after another.

The investment to attend is $4,995.

You’ll be mentally worn out at the end of the day.

But you’ll have something to take home that is incredibly precious… a proven strategic framework to grow the kind of business you’ve always dreamed of.

You’ll have incredible clarity, renewed purpose, and a “reset on your mindset.”

You’ll have a powerful (and deceptively simple) strategic blueprint that lets you map out a proven solution for the six core areas of your business.

This process is proven to create fortune, fulfillment, and freedom.

And it’s fun.

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Let me share a little of what business leaders who have been part of my previous events have to say…

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Important Information About Your Registration

This is not a huge hotel ballroom event.

It’s a fairly small (but comfortable) room.

The people you’ll be with are seasoned, savvy, and successful leaders. Nobody here is “looking to get started” or “thinking about getting into something new.”

You’re with players, people who run companies that are already doing well.

We’re a tight group, working together, so there aren’t many seats.

I will not open up more spots if demand exceeds supply. I like small groups, and if you’re like me, you too appreciate the benefits of close, working relationships with like-minded leaders who get it.

So before our room fills up, make plans to be here. It’s where to come if you’re ready to give your people a set of keys that unlock true growth for your company.

…and much, much more. And it rolls up into the six critical areas of your company, so you can grow it, scale it, and enjoy it.

Ready to join us for a workshop that will change everything?

Put your distractions aside, and make it a priority to join us in Cleveland in 2017!

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I can’t wait to see you.

And I can’t wait to see you create simple, winning strategies that give you a better way to grow, scale, and transform your business.

Let me know you’re in. Tell me you’ll join us in 2017.

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