Mastermind Alliance Partners

We have exciting news! We’ve openly partnered with Masterminds to create an AMAZING benefit to our Members.

So Now the Benefit:

As an active member of an Allied Partner Mastermind, the member can go as a guest to any group in the Alliance. Think of this as a country club membership for masterminds where you have the right to visit other groups.

Imagine Expanding the network of like-minded, higher level CEOs and entrepreneurs to your members without your members leaving your group.

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Do you want to collaborate with the best of the best minds and help your members reach new levels? This Alliance could be for you!

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This is your chance to provide your members with unique value and insights on making their business the best is can be. By collaborating with a variety of masterminds, you’re opening your members and mastermind to a whole new world of like-minded, higher level CEOs and entrepreneurs. It is an opportunity you don’t want to miss out on.

We created this alliance to build value and legacy, not to upsell members. It is not an opportunity to steal, but to pick up more experts and diversity in the room. This is to overall grow your masterminds value.

How does it work? Any active member in any of the allied masterminds that remain a good standing member, can pay a guest fee to attend a mastermind of their choice.

We are the Ultimate Mastermind Alliance Partners!

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