2-Day Intensive

This 2-Day Intensive is for 7 and 8-figure businesses that want or have a significant digital presence and want to scale, expand, and/or sell their business.


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Total CEO’s 2-Day Intensive.

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At the meeting, we’ll be discussing:

  • Targeted Traffic (get more customers/clients).
  • Increased Initial Revenue (get more per customer/client at time of initial purchase).
  • Additional Revenue Streams (add more revenue streams to existing business by deploying additional models, etc.)
  • Expansion by Acquisition (buying competing and or complimentary businesses with no up-front money and using existing business revenue to fund the purchase – while YOUR profit is made by applying points 1-3 above).
  • Monetize Your IP (repurposing and licensing existing Intellectual property assets for added revenue).
  • Capital raising (getting outside money to grow your business)
  • Selling the business or the IP (maximize value and profits now for better sale price).

Our 2-Day Intensive will be hosted by Vinnie Fisher in Cleveland, Ohio. Please submit your information above for more information on the next event.

The purpose of this meeting is to help you SCALE and EXPAND… all while building a SELLABLE ASSET (your business and your intellectual property).