The Total Executive Workshop is a full year training program broken up in quarterly meetings. Each meeting will focus on:

Each meeting will focus on:

  • Creating a company culture
  • Establishing the mindset of a leader
  • Building the right team
  • Integrating high level thinking into your strategy

Transform Your Business With Our Total Executive Workshop Series

You started your business in order to experience the entrepreneurial dream, but at times it can feel more like a nightmare. You find yourself spending less time at home, you can’t stay on top of everything and your work is never truly done.

That’s why we created our Total Executive Workshop.

Everything we go over in the workshop are things we have implemented in our own businesses. These are skill that are proven to get you results.

You will be surrounded by other CEOs and business

leaders who will share their challenges and help you

look at your problems differently.

You know you are not an expert in everything, now you

need to surround yourself with the right people.

  • Jens Johanson

    Jens Johanson

    CEO, J2 Consultants
    Total CEO forces me to be accountable, to do my homework, and to bring something back to the group that then I feed off of as well. I always come...
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  • Joel Erway

    Joel Erway

    CEO, The Webinar Agency
    I really didn't want another Marketing Mastermind, I wanted something where I could really work on my business. There is so much more to business...
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  • John Rood

    John Rood

    CEO, Kibly
    Out of the dozens of Masterminds that I've attended and multiple ones I've paid lots of money for... Total CEO, at the end of the day, is the one that I always...
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Are you Ready?

if you’re ready to finally extract yourself from the operational activities of your business and truly run your business like a CEO, then this is the program for you. You’ll receive all of this for a yearly investment of just


If you have a partner, or a top level executive in your business they can also attend each meeting for just an additional $5,000.

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