Effectively Leading Your Team

Effectively Leading Your Team

Owning multiple businesses has taught me a lot about what makes a business successful. One of the main things I have learned is that nothing happens without a team, and building and leading that team is what is most important. At The Total CEO we focus on building a business that could run without you. This means that your success is in your team’s hands. Let them focus on the functional technical work and lead.

Start With Hiring

You can’t lead a team if it’s not the right team. The first thing that you must do is hire the right people. If your team is not the right fit for your business it will not allow you to properly manage, or make decisions for your team, which will be fatal to your growth. Therefore as a CEO you must have a hand in the hiring process and pick the right people for your team so you can have the opportunity to lead properly.

“The best thing you can give an employee is a great system”
-Vinnie Fisher

Manage Your Team

Once you get the right base you can finally start managing your team. Managing your team has many aspects, such as, addressing conflicts, prioritizing, and time management. When leading your executive team you do not want to wear them out, stretch them to thin, or get them off track. Being a good manager is not easy but it sets you up for success.

Set Expectations

Being the leader you must set expectations for your team. Although your team may already have some direction on their own they are going to need some guidance. Setting the right expectations will allow your team to operate to their full potential, as well as give you the opportunity to hold your team accountable. This is crucial to continued success, you do not want to lose track of your objectives.

“Good teams don’t happen by accident” -Vinnie Fisher

Lead By Example

At my company Fully Accountable it is on me to set the tone for my team. This means coming into work ready to work. If you give good energy your team will mirror that energy and as a result you will have a high level of productivity. It is also a good way to gain the trust of your team, and use that to your advantage. Push your team to really innovate and be creative and watch your company grow right in front of your eyes.

Be The Decision Maker

A main quality of a leader and CEO is being a good decision maker. Going back to the question ‘Are you creating a business that could run without you?’ is what you need to really ask yourself. Because if you can honestly answer yes to that question then as the CEO you are in the position to make decisions. That is where you need to be for the success and growth of your company, and it all leads back to your team.


Vinnie Fisher is a two-time best-selling author of The Best Investment: A Better You and The CEO’s Mindset: How to Break Through to the Next Level, and the CEO of Fully Accountable, an accounting, finance and human resources full service and software solution for small businesses. Vinnie also hosts his own podcast the Total CEO, where he talks with business owners and entrepreneurs regarding the joys and challenges of growing and scaling a small business effectively.


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