Our Team

Total CEO was founded By Vinnie Fisher an experienced entrepreneur, husband, father and bestselling author.

A business and tax lawyer by trade, Vinnie ran a successful law practice before becoming a full-time entrepreneur in 2007.

After starting dozens of successful companies, Vinnie found himself in high demand as a mentor and consultant to other high-level business people taking their businesses to the next level. Through his books, team training, leadership workshops and exclusive mastermind program, heĀ hasĀ helped thousands of CEOs build bigger, better and more profitable companies.

Total CEO Team is made up of entrepreneurs who have figured out the key to lasting success.
Our goal is to share our wisdom and empower your business to achieve its goals.

As a successful business owner and serial entrepreneur, Vinnie understands the time constraints business owner have to deal with. You probably are an expert at marketing and selling your product or service, but to truly be a Total CEO you have the proper mindset, and know that each core function of the company must be handled and not ignored, to master a whole new set of skills to run your business effectively. Through our learning resources, you’ll master the skills necessary to make you the Total CEO of Your Business.