There is often a gap between hiring a great team and the training of that team.

The Total Team is specifically designed to help your team:

  • Implement your vision
  • Execute your strategy
  • Carry out operational tasks
  • Grow your business

You’ve Built The Team Now It’s Time To Train Them For Success

Through the Total Executive Program you’ve gained clarity and expanded your skills now it’s time to extract yourself from the operational tasks. You now have to train your team to focus on your overall strategy.

That is precisely why you need The Total Team.

At each workshop your team will learn new skills enabling them to work together more efficiently and carry out tasks that will help grow your business.

Each workshop builds on itself and each meeting

your team will leave with better and more efficient

ways to contribute to the success of your company.

The training will enhance the commitment each of your team members

has to your organization while creating a sense of pride in their work.

  • Nate Kennedy

    CEO, Optimized Assets
    Total CEO has provided invaluable mentorship, guidance and advice in how I run my business. Vinnie and his team have contributed significantly to..
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  • Kent Clothier

    CEO, Real Estate Worldwide
    These workshops with Vinnie & his team are critical to the success of our company. The Total CEO is the secret weapon you need in your busines..
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  • Greg Herlean

    CEO, Horizon Trust
    Each time I am with Vinnie and his team from the Total CEO I gain valuable insights into our business. I have followed so much advice from them th..
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As a business leader your time is your most precious asset. The Total Team program will help you reclaim your time.

Our Total Team program will effectively train up to 4 of your top company leaders for just


As a company leader you are only as effective as the people you’ve trusted to carry out the operations of your company.

Don’t leave anything to chance. Investing in your team will ensure that you build a company that reflects your vision, your passions and your goals.

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