2-Day Intensive

This 2-Day Intensive is for 7 and 8-figure businesses that want or have a significant digital presence and want to scale, expand, and/or sell their business.


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Total CEO’s 2-Day Intensive.

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At the meeting, we’ll be discussing:


  • Targeted Traffic (get more customers/clients).
  • Increased Initial Revenue (get more per customer/client at time of initial purchase).
  • Additional Revenue Streams (add more revenue streams to existing business by deploying additional models, etc.)
  • Expansion by Acquisition (buying competing and or complimentary businesses with no up-front money and using existing business revenue to fund the purchase – while YOUR profit is made by applying points 1-3 above).
  • Monetize Your IP (repurposing and licensing existing Intellectual property assets for added revenue).
  • Capital raising (getting outside money to grow your business)
  • Selling the business or the IP (maximize value and profits now for better sale price).

Our next 2-Day Intensive will be hosted by Vinnie Fisher and Tony Grebmeier and will be held on April 25th & 26th in Denver, Colorado

  • When April 25th & 26th
  • Where in Denver, Colorado

The purpose of this meeting is to help you SCALE and EXPAND… all while building a SELLABLE ASSET (your business and your intellectual property).